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makeup steps

How to apply makeup for beginners

my guide to makeup and beauty for beginners, I’m going to take you back to the very beginning. Let’s start today with how to properly apply your foundation. before we apply our foundation, I want to prep our skin with a primer I’ve been using Tasha sole canvas by Sephora. I typically do more than one primer but keeping things simple today I’m just going to quickly prime my face and then we’ll go into the foundation.

First when it comes to coverage on your face there are 3 levels of coverage there’s full, medium, and light coverage. I’m going to talk about specifically high-end foundations right now and then I’m going get into drugstore then I will get into CC and BB creams, so on the higher end these are the ones that I love.

High-end foundations that I’ve been using lately are.

  • Mac the Studio Fix fluid.
  • Smashbox Studios skin 15 hour for the hydrating foundation.
  • Marc Jacobs the shameless up youthful look 24-hour foundation
  • Bobbi Brown Skin long wear weightless foundation this one is an oil free it’s in shine control and great for oily skin. This is a good one for you to try out.
  • Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation and this was a little bit lighter that I would like it, looks actually pretty good on camera but it’s a little bit lighter than I would like.

Drugstore foundations I’ve been using.

  • I have 2 of the covergirl trublend they’re fantastic it’s great product great foundation it’s a medium to full coverage.
  • I have the L’Oréal True Match this is a super blendable foundation I really like this. This is the foundation that I reach for all the time depending on what kind of coverage I’m looking for.

The CC creams and BB creams and the tinted moisturizers of the world is where the light to sheer coverage comes in unless you’re dealing with a specific CC cream. I feel like this technically falls under the medium coverage category and this is what I wear on an everyday basis.

I love the matte the illuminating is just as pretty and it looks good on your skin it really covers everything that you need to cover, it looks so beautiful you don’t need to set your whole face with powder. I think it is awesome product.

For more of a traditional CC cream that’s a lighter coverage my favorite would be L’Oréal CC cream it looks like they’re not carrying that much no more because they’re getting ready to come out with a new one, but it really does make your skin look beautifully luminous if you have oily skin this is probably not going to be your best friend because it is a very luminous product and it’s going to make you look a lot shinier

This one is considered a hydrating foundation this is from Laura Geller this is a quench, I think that this is super light I think it’s more of a BB meets a tinted moisturizer because I think the coverage is so light regardless it really makes your skin look really nice and dewy and fresh. There’s a whole array of products to choose from and they’re all from different price points.

Basic makeup steps

makeup stepsLet’s go ahead and use the Mac I think this is a great one to get acclimated with and chances are no matter who you are you should have some Mac in your makeup collection. There are several ways to apply foundation most popular is probably going to be with your fingers I don’t love applying makeup with your fingers the reason is I feel like you’re never going to get even coverage not only that but you’re pulling your skin, and the worst part is that your hands are dirty. I just touch my face and I immediately thought what was the last time I washed my hands?

I like to apply with a brush and then finish off with a damp Beauty Blender that’s my favorite, but I’m going to give you a couple different ways to apply. Let’s leave the fingers out of it because everybody knows how to apply makeup with their fingers. If you have a pump on your foundation and a lot of foundations do for instance like the Bobbi Brown this is what I would do. I would pump a little on my brush and put it in various places on my face, then apply.

This foundation by Marc Jacobs does not have a pump, so what I do is just add a little bit to my brush then apply to my face.

Using the brush this way the bristles are soft, and it makes it easy to apply. The one thing that I want to say about your foundation brush is you need to be washing it consistently because if you have a breakout you will putting that bacteria onto your brushing your letting it sit there and fester. You don’t want to re contaminate. Make sure you’re washing your makeup brush at least once a week.

I put my foundation on my face with a Beauty Blender sponge, and I like to wash it at least every second use personally and the reason is because as a sponge and you know germs get in there.

My preference may be to start my foundation on my eyelids. I think that it should go everywhere you need to blend from your face to your neck. Now I’m going to apply it with my soft motions and stippling. okay now, that I’ve got my foundation everywhere it’s time to blend out. You have a couple of options you can continue blending with your brush, or my preference is to blend it out with a damp Beauty Blender sponge or you can also use one of the round brushes, I use one’s from Hiro there are other brands but this a great option.

I like doing one side of the face so you can see how it looks and I push my foundation into my hairline so there’s no distinct difference as to what my skin color is. As you can see, I use the brush to blend it out, and you get a nice blend. I use the round brush or whatever kind of brush you want to use.

Okay, let’s begin blending it into our skin with a damp Beauty Blender to get that flawless finish so both sides are pretty to get the same outcome. I personally like this better than using fingers because I feel it’s cleaner and you are not pulling your skin. Now, you have the foundation in place. I’m going ahead and finish the rest of my face.

With the full face done I want to talk a little bit about matching your foundation because this is probably my most asked question. How do you match your foundation? Go somewhere like Sephora or in your local mall to get help matching the right makeup for you and tell you exactly what shade you are.

At the makeup counter you get to test different foundations on your neck not your face, your neck technically your jawline because this is the area that you want for transition because you want your face to match your neck you don’t want your neck to match your face. You want a seamless transition to match perfectly. You want to test it right along your jawline and make sure that it blends perfectly and then it’s the right shade that is how you find the perfect shade of foundation.

best place to go for a makeoverHere’s another hack you only have one foundation and it’s a medium or a full coverage and you want a lighter coverage for daytime wear all you have to do is blend it down, so put some foundation on the back of your hand and add a little hump of moisturizer blend it together. That is how you get more of a Beauty Blend or a tinted moisturizer coverage.

That way you don’t have to buy another product. If you want to avoid a cakey look I think I mentioned this earlier don’t powder your entire face only powder of the areas of your face that you see oil pop up throughout the day you see it creep up or you see oxidation happen. a lot of times you’re going to see an oxidation look.

First rewind what is oxidation? Do you know what oxide looks like throughout the day, like dry patches they show, look closely? it’s not oxidation, that’s my skin showing through the makeup. Wearing off that is oxidation it’s literally your makeup is like disintegrating into thin air it’s magic, no it’s not magic it’s actually really frustrating and annoying and the way to stop that is by using powder, but remember the issue with wearing powder all over your face is that’s when you start to get a really cakey appearance.

Today with makeup on my face obviously I have it under my eyes to set my concealer and then I have it only on the oily parts of my face, like right around my mouth and my chin area.

You will get a little bit oily during the day but other than that no more powder because I don’t want a cakey look. I want my natural skin to be able to breathe through my foundation, so it doesn’t oxidize. I contour directly on top of the foundation, then I spritz with a setting spray and I’m good to go. That is how you apply foundation for beginners most of us already know how to apply it.

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