Beauty Tips and Secrets


5 Everyday beauty tips 5 ways that you’re doing the no makeup-makeup wrong? As you know that I love the whole natural embracing your flaws type of look, but you know a little help always goes a long way and it takes some time to master the perfect no makeup-makeup look. Just to let you know that I’ve been using nude by nature for a while now. Nature is Australia’s number one mineral makeup brand and it’s now available in Canada so for all my Canadian babes. Let’s get right…

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Top Beauty Tips

facial massage

Best Beauty Tips okay, I’m going to share 5 products and beauty tips that I really believe in, nothing is sponsored here it’s all products that I have on my vanity that I’ve been using and want to share with you. This oil that was recommended to me by a confidential reader in our secret Facebook group it’s called solar recover. it’s all-natural ingredients it’s basically a moisturizer that’s filled with vitamin C and vitamin E. Here are some of the ingredients. it’s olive oil water, aloe vera gel, essential…

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How to Apply Makeup

makeup steps

How to apply makeup for beginners my guide to makeup and beauty for beginners, I’m going to take you back to the very beginning. Let’s start today with how to properly apply your foundation. before we apply our foundation, I want to prep our skin with a primer I’ve been using Tasha sole canvas by Sephora. I typically do more than one primer but keeping things simple today I’m just going to quickly prime my face and then we’ll go into the foundation. First when it comes to coverage on…

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