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how to get better skin on face

Top Beauty tips for the face

Each one of us has some skin insecurity that we would love to banish. Using face oils to target your concerns individually is the way to go. We will be taking you on a skin healing journey using an array of potent essential oils. You must be thinking, adding oil to inflamed acne is probably the last thing one should do, right? Think again! The right essential oil can be used as an overnight spot treatment to bid farewell to your inflamed nemesis. Tea Tree oil is packed with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it perfect for tackling the germs that are the main culprits behind pimples.

  • Take a spoonful of Aloe Vera Gel, and add 6-8 drops of tea tree oil and mix well. You can store this mixture in a small container for a convenient nightly acne treatment!
  • One of the most common issues among Indian women is pigmentation. Lemon is well known for its bleaching properties. However, lemon oil is extremely concentrated and must be used with care. Mix in a few drops with your night cream and apply it on the pigmented areas. Remember to only use lemon oil at night as it increases your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Ageing is one thing no one can escape. As the years go by, the appearance of fine lines and loosening of skin increases. To fight this, pomegranate oil is just what you need. With its cell regenerating and nourishing properties, it is the perfect oil to slow down the effects of ageing. Apply a few drops right after you get out of your shower and let the oil sink in.
  • Acne are uninvited guests that reside on your face. Unfortunately, even when they do decide to finally bid us farewell, they leave their unwanted traces as dreadful Acne Marks! If you despise these blemishes, lavender oil can come to your rescue. Mix in a few drops of lavender oil with some aloe vera gel and spot treat those pesky acne marks. Store this in a jar and use it as a nightly treatment for best results.
  • The most tackled topic in skincare and makeup today is dark circles. Here’s the best way to heal them naturally. Avocado oil is full of fatty acids and vitamins that will nourish your sensitive under eye skin. Mix in a few drops of almond oil along with avocado oil and apply it under your eyes every night. Unlock all the miraculous benefits of essential oils to heal every skin concern.

Healthy skin tips for face

how to get better skin on faceI’m sure most of you if not all of you has given into to the temptation of busting that pimple when you see it, you know it evolved like a volcano pulsating on your face, and fully knowing that you’re going to end up with a scar but you do it anyway, now you’re left with acne scars, no, some pimples can leave deep craters and picking scars on the skin whereas others can fade away like dandelion in the wind.

So today we’re going to share with you the common causes for acne scarring and acne marks as well as hyperpigmentation, and how to tell the difference between the two, as well as what products you should be looking for, and natural ingredients that will help heal your skin, and let your beautiful natural skin shine through.

I want you guys to do a little test with me just like run your fingers, clean them first, along your face, while looking in the mirror feeling around looking for little dents, look more closely at the color of these little spots because the color actually tells a lot about what type of hyperpigmentation it is that you have, and it will make it easier for you to treat it.

let’s talk about the different types of acne scarring over time. Acne scars has become the umbrella term for all types of discoloration and hyperpigmentation as well as the aftermath of pimples, however they include three different varied types of hyperpigmentation on the skin.

  1. First one is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is PIH,
  2. Second thing is post inflammatory erythema, which is PIE
  3. Three is the atrophic scarring

Now let’s distinguish between these, so what is PIH? Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is basically any black or brown spots on the skin, which is caused by the overproduction of melanin, and if you wonder what melanin is, pink freckles birthmarks or sunspots, basically it’s the pigment that gives color in our body, it’s in hair and in our eyes, PIH is triggered by an a inflammatory response that initiates melanin production, and that’s how you know when you’re getting a pimple

Ever wondered why dark skin people don’t burn as much as whiter skin people, it’s because they have more melanin in their skin that protects themselves from the Sun, melanin is the main reason for any hyperpigmentation on the skin. When you’re aging, and obviously sun exposure can weather the skin.

How you want to treat it is to actually use products that will speed up the skin renewal process, so the skin regenerate faster and you’re left with clear skin at a quicker rate, there are some ingredients that you can look for in your skincare routine to really speed up the process.

first ingredient you want to look for is AHAs and AHA is an exfoliating acid, which is really effective in speeding up and shedding dead skin on your face, it increases cell turnover and exfoliates the surface of the skin, and it’s really good for people with dry skin, because it’s gentle enough to use for them, so AHAs include mandelic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid.

One of my favorites to use is the ordinary lactic acid, that’s kind of like a toner, I’ll wash my face and then put that on immediately afterwards, and then go in with a serum and moisturizer.

when I have any sort of post-trauma acne on my skin, I use lactic acid and mandelic acid as the main ingredients, but also it gets some sodium hyaluronic, and niacinamide which are both good ingredients.

Once again protecting your skin and speeding up the skin renewal process, COSRX also has an AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid which is also effective, and the DERMA E Overnight Peel is gentle and good for sensitive skin as well.

AHA is gentle on the skin, so use it every 2-3 days, and your skin will slowly adjust to it, niacinamide is also another one of those all-star ingredients that are effective to help brighten your skin, and help hyperpigmentation disappear faster, it’s got antioxidants and it increases collagen production on the skin, and also offers hydration. It really helps with the process of reducing hyperpigmentation, you can also try sunscreens with niacinamide. Drugstore alternatives there’s CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion, and La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer also has a little bit of niacinamide in it, and they’re affordable options as well.

Next one is retinoids with vitamin A the sole purpose of a retinoid is to increase the cell turnover on your skin, so once again it’s shedding those outer layers where the discoloration might be to reveal new skin, and retinoids increase collagen production on the skin, which is good for aging skin, and it helps fight hyperpigmentation, another ingredient that you probably gravitate towards is vitamin C, when it comes to dealing with hyperpigmentation, vitamin C helps the skin by blocking abnormal pigment production, and it’s known for skin brightening properties, and it prevents the enzyme that produces melanin pigments from causing darker spots on the skin.

Basically when you’re looking for any product to help treat your acne marks or hyperpigmentation, just look for increased cell turnover so that your skin sheds the dead layers, and it will reveal fresh plump skin as well as brightening products like vitamin C and niacinamide, if you guys are more into the natural remedies, we have two which are our personal favorites, just keep in mind with more natural remedies, it might take longer to see the results, aloe vera is a natural scar removing ingredient, and it’s also known for being a natural emollient, which can help repair damaged skin this improves the elasticity of newly formed tissue, and promotes growth of healthy skin.

Basically, all those ingredients that I just mentioned above. It’s just a more gentle and probably a slower process, so cut the aloe vera leaf and scrape out the gel, and you can apply the gel onto your scar, and massage it in circular motions, and then you can just let it sit there, and you can do this about two to three times daily, because it is a natural ingredient, and aloe vera is generally good, or you can make 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil and apply it onto your affected areas, and you can use this once or twice daily. Now your pimple is on the way to its slow demise death, you can try this aloe vera and tea tree combination, just note aloe vera might not be as effective on older scars.

Tomatoes are actually full of vitamin A, which is the main ingredient of retinoids, but also carotene which not only gives the tomato its red color but it also has antioxidant compounds that heals damaged tissues and promotes regrowth of the cells, tomatoes are also known to shrink pores and fight acne right in the complexion, and even remove tan, so if you want to try this, you want to take one ripe tomato, cut it into pieces crush them into a pulp, put the pieces in a bowl, and then apply the pulp onto your face, and leave it on for about 15 – 20 minutes, and then wash your face off afterwards. Feel free to repeat this routine daily for a week or two, and then you can see the brightening properties, and how it improves your skin.

Skin marks are a little bit more difficult to get rid of because the damage is done at a deeper level on the skin, hence why you’ll need something a bit more abrasive like laser or microdermabrasion, things like that would take time to heal.

what is PIE? Post inflammatory erythema is the red and purplish spots on the skin which is actually different to the brownish marks that we see earlier, and that’s what is the biggest way to determine between PIH and PIE acne scarring is red and not brown the reason why it’s red is because the result of DEM which means the dilation and the damage that’s close to the capillaries on the surface of the skin, that is usually why it’s a lot harder to get rid of, and also it leaves these tiny red cute spots which are not really cute, and the 3rd type of scar that acne can cause is the atrophic scars, and it sounds like a catastrophe, atrophic and catastrophe it just kind of like plays in my mind because it’s one of those scars that you can’t really treat anymore because it’s broken skin tissue.

There wasn’t enough collagen production to seal up that wound when your pimple faded so you’re left with a dent, and this is something that I have suffered with since I had a lot of breakouts in my teenage years as well as chicken pox, and the chicken pox left these big gaping like box scars on my cheek, so with atrophic scars there’s three types, there’s the ice pick, there’s the rolling scars, and then there’s the boxcar scars, and basically the only difference between those three is that they form different shapes. Ice pick is more triangular, box is more like a box, and rolling is kind is bumpy.

Some people have bumpy surfaces on the skin that’s from very traumatic acne or skin conditions, and the only way to really treat these are through laser and microdermabrasion, so we’re not really going to mention much about it. It’s cheaper just to accept the fact that you have it on your face and move on.

Finally, let’s talk about prevention. I’m a big believer of prevention rather than cure because it’s better to deal with it now rather than later when it’s worse, so first of all do not pick pimples, because we’re so tempted by it, you can see in the mirror and you know it’s ready it’s screaming at you telling you pick me pick me, but you just have to say no and just don’t pick them.

because pressing a little too hard or at a different that might cause infection or further spreading of the acne therefore causes acne scarring. Acne scarring can take a lot of time to heal and it’s a lot of work to treat this acne scarring.

If you do have an acne that burst for no reason then you need to make sure you find a way to protect it by keeping it clean and keeping it covered, sealed and protected. Make sure it’s not exposed to bacterial infections. Putting more makeup on it will cause it to be more erupt and red and inflammatory so avoid all those nasty things.

Make sure that you are continuing to protect your skin from hyperpigmentation melanin production, and just doing the things that you should be doing, if you have acne make sure that you leave your skin nice and clean, or if you are going out in the sun, wear protection sunblock hat sunscreen sunglasses white shirt, the list goes on. There are other natural remedies as well, make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water, flushing out the toxins. keep in mind that these are just tips and advice from what we’ve known and what we’ve experienced.

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