Beauty Tips for Hair

Best beauty tips for your hair

Getting ready for work every morning is such a task. Sleep late, wake up late and then there’s absolutely no time to deal with my stubborn hair, especially when it’s just shampooed. It used to be a nightmare to detangle and let’s not even talk about the amount of hair breakage I went through. One of the experts at the salon suggested I follow a special hair care routine which I am going to share with you girls.

What I do is just pat my hair down with a soft fiber towel to draw out all the excess water after a shampoo. Cotton is gentle for your hair so don’t go crazy vigorously rubbing your hair because that will just cause your tangle and hair to break more.

Now comes my secret weapon. A few drops of Livon Serum are just enough to detangle all my knots and reduce breakage. I apply the serum on the top of my palm and in between my fingers. I usually apply the serum after my conditioning, but if you guys don’t condition your hair you can directly apply the serum as well. It really smells nice. Now I just run my fingers through my hair like a comb from the mid ends to the ends. I apply the leftover serum on my palms towards the top of my head to tame down the frizz but away from the roots.

Since I don’t have time to apply homemade packs let alone go to any fancy hair spas, I make sure at least one of my products has vitamin E in it and that’s exactly what Livon serum has. Vitamin E nourishes my hair and it also repairs it from all the damage caused by heat, pollution and all the chemical treatments I put my poor hair through. Once the serum has worked its magic, styling is a breeze.

I love to keep it flexible so instead of using a hair spray, I just use my serum. I love how effortlessly I can scrunch my hair and even make a neat bun in no time, then I’m off. I love street shopping, but what really annoys me is when my hair gets all frizzy and tangled up, because of all the pollution and wind, especially when I’m outdoors all day.

Apart from my kajal and lipstick, I always carry a hair serum with me to protect my hair from breaking, but it must be non-sticky like the New Livon hair serum. This stuff is great you’re far away from stressing about your hair getting too greasy and limp. It’s like my one-minute frizz tamer and an instant detangler, especially when I’m on the go. It’s all that I need to keep my hair shiny and silky just like I’ve stepped out of the salon.

I just take two to three drops then I rub it into my palms, this makes the heat from the hands liquify the serum more, so it spreads better. Make sure you apply the serum to the areas with frizz and tangles along the length of your hair and avoid applying the serum into your scalp.

Another trick for hair like mine a metal comb. Plastic combs tend to collect a lot of static and that causes my hair to frizz out even more and along with the serum this works like a charm seriously reducing my frizz and breakage. I find this new Livon serum way better than its older version the Livon silky potion. It’s non-sticky which means that it doesn’t leave any residue on my hands and it doesn’t weigh down my hair since it’s lightweight. You can use it before blow-drying your hair as a heat protectant or quickly do a new hairstyle on the go like me.

Once I’m done taming all the stubborn frizz and tangles it makes it so easy to quickly create a feminine and flirty braid even when I’m getting blasted by humidity from all sides, and there you go a perfectly amazing hairstyle, this would make my hairstylist friends jealous. It’s also available in smaller sachets which is convenient, and the best part is that it’s super affordable. For an outdoor girl like me, a good hair serum is an absolute essential styling product and it’s also a great way to keep your hairstyle in place all day long.