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How to get perfect eyebrows

To achieve a natural brow, look that stays put all day. I’m going to show you some of my tricks on how to get your brows to stay on, and how you can get your shape perfectly to your eyes. Before I get started I will let you know that I have been using the Shiseido Lash Serum on my brows, and my hairs have been getting fuller and more dense. That’s super exciting.

So, you can use them in your lash and in your brows. I would check this product out for sure. To start my eyebrow’s, I use a product called Shimmering Cream Shadow from Shiseido. I’m going to take the brush that comes from the compact and hold it up where the inner corner of my eye ends, I’m going to go ahead and hold it straight up like that. That’s where your eyebrow should start. Then, where your iris, the color of your eye begins, if you angle the brush that way, that’s where your highest arch should be.

brow outliningThe under part of your eye just goes straight up, and you angled your brush that way, that’s where your eyebrow should end. That way your eyebrows are always symmetrical for your face shape. I just dabbed a little bit of the cream, and I’m going to get close to my mirror so I can see my brow. I like to start at the arch of the brow so that I know the highest point and then everything else can meet up to that after. I grab a little bit of that product then I start to draw in, make sure my tail is ending where it should.

I love how the compact brow powder comes with the brush already, so you don’t have to get an additional tool to be able to do this at home. Now I’m going to spread the cream throughout the brow, that way my brow powder has a nice base to grab onto, and then I’m going to move on to the powder. As you can see there’s two colors in here and I start with the darker color first, and I’m going to just go back over the shimmering cream shadow that I placed down and start tracing it out.

This way your tail and your arch are lined up with your eye. Your hairs come together here so it does tend to be a little bit darker than the rest of the brow. As I finish that part up, I’m going to pick up the lighter shade and bring it in to the inner corner of the eye. I’m just buffing that through with my brow brush, making sure that everything looks nice and clean.

I have another tip and for you. We have the little sponge tip you can clean up any extra brow powder that you don’t want on the brow. Next, I’m going to use is our Sheer Eye Zone Corrector. This is going to help to really kind of polish off the eyebrow so that it’s nice and flawless. I’m going ahead and trace out the outer portion of my brow as well as the inner portion and then use my finger to kind of press it in. Make sure it’s nice and even to my brows.

Eyebrow do’s and don’ts

I’m going to show you some do’s and some don’ts. Some common mistakes that you often see people make when it comes to filling in their brows. First thing I’m going to do for both brows is brush them out and up on my bad brow. I’m just going to mess it up because a lot of people forget to brush out the brows. For my current brow routine, I like to use the benefit goof proof brow pencil in shade 5.

eyebrowsWhat I like to do first is very lightly and gently outline the basic shape of my brows using this goof proof pencil. I’m just going to etch out a straight line from the inner portion of my brow all the way to my brow arch kind of like this. it’s not super straight but it’s just touching the roots of my brow hair. It’s also going to extend the tail of the brow just a pinch kind of in the direction of hair growth

I’m going to lightly fill it in just in the tail. This pencil has a spoolie on the other end. You could use that to blend that out using upward strokes. The mistake that most people do is outline very heavily. They will start at the very inner portion of the brow.  At first glance this looks good, but this is a very waxy pencil which is very pigmented. When you try to blend it out it becomes not so easy to do. What I notice people doing is outlining their entire brow shape using a pencil then filling it in.

This to me is a no-no. It just looks super scary. I know we want to fill in all our sparse areas. The problem is when you apply this much product to a brow that’s already full it becomes difficult to blend it out plus it becomes super heavy. This heaviness of the brow weighs your whole face down making you look older, making you look angrier and not so happy with life. To avoid that I never ever use a pencil to fill in my brow. it wastes a lot of product, and you end up looking scary and mean.

I like to use benefits foolproof brow powder, and this is in the shade 5. It’s got two tones a warm brown one for the inner portion and a cooler one for the tail. Form a good route I’m going to use this number six brush from Dalton. It’s my favorite brush for the brows. I’m going to take the lighter brown shade and I’m going to fill in my good brow using upward strokes in the inner portion because I don’t want this to be too blocky.

I want to still imitate hairs and I’m going to use the darker powder. I’m going to fill it in a little bit more solid in the tail end. Which is where I want the most definition. I’m going to continue brushing it out, blending out the product and filling in those areas that are still a little bit too sparse right here in the arch. I’m going to show you another thing that people do wrong with powder. Dark powder especially cooler powder, it’s really meant for just the outer portion of your brow.

Most people don’t realize is that you should never ever apply it to the inner portion. That just makes it even more solid, scary and blocky. Usually it’s people with black eyebrow hairs like me or someone of a deeper complexion. This just looks so wrong on so many levels. I’m scared and I haven’t even gotten to the tail. Feather brows are the new big thing in eyebrow makeup. So, what I like to do for that is use this tiny little marker from Mac.

It’s called the shape and shade brow tint. I like to use the shade spiked. It’s a cooler tone and what I like to do is draw little fine brow hairs all the way across the width of the brow. I do think that makes the brow look a little bit more natural and a bit more current. I’ve done that, I still like to brush it out just a little bit because I don’t want these to be to fake-looking. I like to brush it up in the direction of brow hair growth and blend it with my natural brow hairs.

Now some of the mistakes that I’ve seen with this type of application is that people will literally start drawing these crazy almost cut looking brows. In my opinion there’s just no way that that could look realistic or natural. Just looks crazy and then when you start seeing people applying this to the inner portion of the brow, it just starts looking like a werewolf.

The next thing that I always notice people doing wrong especially on Instagram is that they take concealer just any old regular concealer like this one from color-pop, and just go in super heavily under the brow over their little brow hairs. When you try to blend this concealer out, you start realizing that this is way too much product and it’s just impossible to get in this super fine delicate area here.

What I like to do is take a flat brush like this one is from Wayne gloss and instead just pick some off the concealer wand and very gently clean up this area. it does create a very chiseled brow that looks good on Instagram but not necessarily in real life. That’s why you want to make sure you use minimal product and make it look as realistic as possible. I also sometimes see people surrounding the whole entire brow area with concealer.

In my opinion just makes the brow look cartoony. I’m not going to do that because we have the little wolfies happening here. I’m just going to take my Beauty Blender and I’m going to press down on this line to sort of subdue it while still creating that nice clean edge. I always like to use Maybelline’s clear lash mascara. I just like to brush these eyebrows up and kind of just glue them in place. The mistake of this step is not applying it at all and just lead with this hot and sexy onset brow.

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