Beauty Tips for Hair

Best beauty tips for your hair Getting ready for work every morning is such a task. Sleep late, wake up late and then there’s absolutely no time to deal with my stubborn hair, especially when it’s just shampooed. It used to be a nightmare to detangle and let’s not even talk about the amount of hair breakage I went through. One of the experts at the salon suggested I follow a special hair care routine which I am going to share with you girls. What I do is just pat…

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Beauty Tips for Skin

best skin care tips

Best beauty tips for skin naturally In the quest of finding products that will give us that everlasting glow, we have completely forgotten about the natural ingredients our grandmothers used to keep their skin plump and youthful. So, in memory of that we’ve come up with some amazing DIYs using natural and complementary ingredients for all skin types and concerns. Milk comes with a variety of benefits that are not only dietary but also great for our skin. Why resort to beauty products when we can use this super popular,…

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Beauty Tips for The Face

how to get better skin on face

Top Beauty tips for the face Each one of us has some skin insecurity that we would love to banish. Using face oils to target your concerns individually is the way to go. We will be taking you on a skin healing journey using an array of potent essential oils. You must be thinking, adding oil to inflamed acne is probably the last thing one should do, right? Think again! The right essential oil can be used as an overnight spot treatment to bid farewell to your inflamed nemesis. Tea…

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Tips For Oily Skin

dewy makeup foundation

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin on Face my skin is annoyingly oily if you have oily skin then you’ll know what a pain it is to deal with your makeup slides off your face, sunscreen slides around, everything slides around and you spend a lot of your time trying not to look like a mirror ball.  I’ve had so many people asking me for my tips on how to deal with oily skin so here it is! Oily skin is genetic but sometimes if you’re using the wrong…

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Beauty Tips and Secrets


5 Everyday beauty tips 5 ways that you’re doing the no makeup-makeup wrong? As you know that I love the whole natural embracing your flaws type of look, but you know a little help always goes a long way and it takes some time to master the perfect no makeup-makeup look. Just to let you know that I’ve been using nude by nature for a while now. Nature is Australia’s number one mineral makeup brand and it’s now available in Canada so for all my Canadian babes. Let’s get right…

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Top Beauty Tips

facial massage

Best Beauty Tips okay, I’m going to share 5 products and beauty tips that I really believe in, nothing is sponsored here it’s all products that I have on my vanity that I’ve been using and want to share with you. This oil that was recommended to me by a confidential reader in our secret Facebook group it’s called solar recover. it’s all-natural ingredients it’s basically a moisturizer that’s filled with vitamin C and vitamin E. Here are some of the ingredients. it’s olive oil water, aloe vera gel, essential…

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Change Your Hairstyle

face shape and hairstyles

Changing your hairstyle I would like to first show you how to determine what face shape you have and then I’ll talk you through the different hairstyle options for each shape. My goal is not to tell you cause that’s not helping.  I want to explain to you the principles so afterwards you can decide which parts in which proportions you want to highlight, hide, how much, etcetera. First, how to identify your face shape. Look at your face in the mirror, looking straight. We are considering the following points,…

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How to Apply Makeup

makeup steps

How to apply makeup for beginners my guide to makeup and beauty for beginners, I’m going to take you back to the very beginning. Let’s start today with how to properly apply your foundation. before we apply our foundation, I want to prep our skin with a primer I’ve been using Tasha sole canvas by Sephora. I typically do more than one primer but keeping things simple today I’m just going to quickly prime my face and then we’ll go into the foundation. First when it comes to coverage on…

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Top Acne Treatment For Healthy Looking Skin

best acne treatment

Best Acne Treatment I’m going to be talking about probably one of the smallest but most frustrating things of all the little feisty friends we call pimples, and I’m struggling through it right now. I had my first breakout, and I now understand your oily acne prone skin types. this is something that I think a lot of us can relate to because although they are quite small, they have such a huge impact and hit deeper than just our skin surface. Struggling with pimples and acne can really affect…

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