Classy And Beautiful Virgin Hair Styles

Look At Some Of The Best Virgin Hair Styles

virgin hairAre you interested in changing your hair style? Are you thinking about getting a virgin hairstyle? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then keep on reading. A virgin hairstyle is basically hair that is all natural without any added weave or extensions. There are many benefits of having a virgin hairstyle and one of which is that it allows you to be your full authentic self. There is such beauty in being you without having to add anything to make yourself seem or appear more beautiful. Natural beauty is always the best and getting one of these hairstyles will definitely do a lot for your happiness and overall self confidence. The length of your hair does not determine its beauty and short hairstyles can be even more appealing. So, with that said, we will now take a look at some of the best virgin hair styles that you can try.

One hairstyle that is actually quite popular is using various head gear such as hats and bandanas to create an effortless look. This is actually a great option for women who are in a rush and simply don't have the time to style their hair. Plus, a headband or bandana can be color coordinated with your outfit so that it creates a different and appealing style. Beanie hats can be worn for a more casual look, plus it would be perfect for those cold winter months.

Next, another hairstyle would be to simply wash, dry and comb your hair with a side part. Some gel can be used to hold your hair into place and the hair can be fastened with a clip on either side. This is an effortless and beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for any day.

Another one of the best virgin hair styles is to simply twist some of your locks on one side of your head or both sides of your head and leave the rest of your hair open and loose or coiled. This is a very fashionable hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd without being too time consuming to make.

bantu knotsFashioning your hair into bantu knots is another alternative that is fun and edgy. You can do the knots yourself or you can visit your local hairstylist so that they can ensure all of the knots are the same size and are evenly distributed throughout your head. You can even add highlights to the edge of each knot to make it look even edgier. You can create either small or chunky bandu knots. The chunky ones are easier to make on your own and will create a more carefree and relaxed look.

Dying your tiny afro is a great way to completely change your look and transform your appearance. There are dozens of different colors that you can use to dye your hair and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, then you should definitely go for a colors such as pink, platinum blonde, auburn etc.

womens mohawkIf you want to create a very bold hairstyle, then you should consider getting a mohawk. This is a look that just radiates coolness; however, be sure that you're ready to completely shave both sides of your head.

Another bold look would be to get a buzz cut where all of your hair is shaved off, save for a few millimeters. This is very risky but can be quite stunning. There are many supermodels that sport this look and it can actually be quite feminine and beautiful.

Now, in addition to styling your hair, you should properly accessorize to look your best. This means wearing the right jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. If you have a short hairstyle, then you should definitely go bold with your earring choices, since this will make you stand out.

In conclusion, we have just covered some of the best virgin hair styles. Once you have decided on what hairstyle you're interested in getting, be sure to visit a good stylist so that they can make your vision into a masterpiece. Remember, even if you decide on a style and don't like the end result, you can easily change it to something else that you're happier with.


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