Top Seven Common Short Hairstyles For 2017

Short Hairstyles You Should Try in 2017

short-haircut-for-2017A lot of women are intimidated by short hair. It's not unusual for ladies to feel like they can't pull trendy short cuts off. However, if you look at these 7 short hairstyles for 2017, you'll see that there are plenty short styles that are easy to wear. Try out some of these styles and see if they're a good fit for you.

Bobs With Bangs

bobs with bangsDo you dislike your forehead? If you're looking for a way to hide your forehead, but are also looking for a shorter hairstyle, you may want to take a look at bobs. Bobs pair beautifully with bangs, and they are a universally flattering style.

While bobs are hot in 2017, they're considered to be a classic cut. They've been popular since the 1920s, and they have remained popular in the years since then. One of the reasons for this cut's enduring popularity is that is works with all kinds of different hair types, from thick to thin.

Choppy Bobs

choppy bobsA classic bob cut will never go out of style, but there are also a lot of trendy variations on the bob. A great example of this is a choppy pop. This haircut, which has been worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, feels like it belongs in the year 2017.

What's especially great about this cut is how easy it is to style. Since this style requires that your hair be cut into a lot of very short layers, it will take almost no time at all for you to get your hair down to your desired length.

Medium-Length Bobs

medium length bobsIf you like short styles, but don't want to sacrifice your length completely, a medium length bob cut is perfect for you. These styles, which are typically a little bit longer than chin-length, are a great fit for women from all walks of life.

This cut is short enough to reduce styling time, but it's still long enough to pull back if needed. It's also a cut that can be very flattering, especially if it is paired with a lot of face-framing layers. It's a great fit for both straight and curly hair.

Pixie Cuts

pixie cutsPixie cuts have been popular for decades, so it should be no surprise that they're on a list of 7 short haircuts for 2017. While pixie cuts have often been short and sleek, it's becoming increasingly more common to see women wear curly pixies.

It's also becoming more common to see women bleach their pixie cuts. Since pixie cuts are so short, the amount of damage that bleaching causes to the hair is minimal. If you've always wanted to go platinum, but couldn't deal with the damage, a pixie may be perfect for you.

Asymmetrical Cuts

Asymmetrical CutsIf you want an edgy cut, but aren't quite ready for a full-blown pixie, an asymmetrical haircut may be perfect for you. These cuts, which aren't the same length on both sides, have a lot of personality.

There are many different kinds of asymmetrical cuts. If you talk to a stylist, they'll be able to recommend a few different styles to you. While this particular style may sound strange on paper, it looks great in real life. If you're sick of having boring hair, this is a wonderful way for you to spice your hair up.

The Faux Hawk

Faux hawksIf you want something that's very edgy, you may not be willing to settle for an asymmetrical cut or a pixie. You might want a style that is even bolder. Thankfully, there is a cut that is perfect for you: the faux hawk.

Faux hawks have a clear punk rock influence, but can be styled in a work appropriate way. A lot of stars have donned this bold style, including Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johannsen. If you're trying to find a cut that will make you feel unstoppable, you may want to see if a faux hawk could work for you.

These 7 short haircuts for 2017 are flattering and easy to style. If you love short hair but aren't sure it's right for you, ask your stylist about some of these cuts. See if they might work for you.