Best Perfume Ideas 2017

The Best Perfume Ideas For 2017 For Every Occasion

Choosing the right perfume to wear can be tricky particularly when you have so many choices on the market.  When looking for perfume ideas for 2017, you should consider the different scents that you would wear at different times of the year.  A perfume that you wear on a night out will not be ideal for a business meeting.  This is why you need to carefully consider the actual scent of your perfume ideas for 2017.

Perfumes For Work

A large portion of your day is spent at work and you need to ensure that the perfume ideas for 2017 that you use will not be overbearing.  It is recommended that you look at perfumes with a delicate and fresh scent.  It would be better to look at the more traditional perfumes than something a bit more innovative.

Floral, fruity and grass scents are the best for the office environment.  These perfumes offer a pleasant and graceful scent without making any of your colleagues uncomfortable.  A strong scent perfume should be avoided as this could cause problems in open offices.

Perfumes For Business Meetings

Many women make the mistake of thinking that the perfume they wear for work every day would be ideal for a business meeting.  Some expert perfume ideas for 2017 have shown that this is not the best way to go.  For a business meeting that is attended by people from different levels of office hierarchy, you should look at a bolder scent.  This scent should tell the people you meet that you are confident, intelligent and able to get work done.

The scent should not be too overpowering, but does need to be memorable and enigmatic.  The ideal perfumes for this would be ones with a rose, amber, jasmine or vanilla base.  These are all scents that people know and will be able to remember after you have left.  There are a number of designer perfumes that will use these scents and you need to consider which works best with your style.

Perfume For A Special Occasion

Special occasions call for a special perfume whether it is a charity event, official dinner or a night at the opera.  There are 2 ideas that you can use when you look at your special occasion perfume.  The first is to use your favorite perfume that you would not use every day and the second is to look for a new perfume that is strong and accentuates your personality.

If you are going to choose the first option, you will probably already have a bottle of your favorite perfume.  Most women will have one perfume that they enjoy using more than others, but find that it is not always the best option.  Some people choose Chanel No 5 while others use Lancôme La Vie Est. Belle.  This is a personal preference, but you need to ensure that the perfume you choose actually works with your natural scent.

If you do not have a favorite perfume or want to look for something new, the second option is the best route.  You should look for a perfume that uses patchouli or other wooden family scents.  These perfumes will be strong enough to hold out for the special event and to make an impact.

Perfume For A Romantic Date

perfumesWhen you are going on a romantic date, you should look for a perfume that is all about flowers.  There are many perfumes that have a floral base and you need to find one that you like.  Floral perfumes are generally lighter and will not be overpowering when you are sitting with your date.  There are certain common scents that you should consider when you look for your date perfume.

These scents will include orange blossom, rose, lily of the valley and jasmine.  If you are going on a romantic first date, you should be careful if you choose a gardenia based perfume.  These perfumes can sometimes be overwhelming if they are not worn correctly.

There are a lot of different perfume ideas for 2017 that you should consider.  When looking at these ideas, you will need to consider the occasion that you will wear the perfume for.  Business meetings will need a different perfume to a romantic date and you need to be aware of this.

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