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Men’s Top 10 Beards Styles for 2017

The Top 10 Beards Styles

More and more men are looking to grow a beard, but they do not know what style they should use.  There are hundreds of different beard styles, but you should consider the top 10 beards styles when you start.  These top 10 beards styles are the most popular, but some will only work for certain face types.  It is important to note that the top 10 beards styles are not for everyone.

The Bandholz

bandholz beard styleOne of the most impressive beards in the top 10 beards styles is the Bandholz.  This style was popularized by Eric Bandholz who owns Breadbrand.  This beard will take time to grow so expect to spend at least 6 months growing it.  You will need to maintain the girth and length so only trim once your beard stops growing.  This beard works the best for men with diamond, oval or triangle shaped faces.

The Uniform Beard

beardAs the name suggests, this beard is a uniform length throughout.  It is not a very long beard and will reach approximately 2 inches past the chin.  The end of the beard will be shaped into a rounded point and the mustache will blend into the beard.  This is the ideal beard for a working professional who has an oval, square or round shaped face.

The Razors Edge

The Razors EdgeThe razors edge is a beard style that never seems to go out of fashion.  To achieve this beard you will need to fade the sideburns and allow them to give way to a wide and full beard.  The mustache will need to grow out and curl upwards at the tip.   This beard works for men with any shaped face, but will take time to grow.

The Old Dutch

Old Dutch BeardA staple in beard growth is the Dutch style beard which is a larger beard without a mustache.  The growth at the sideburns will be kept fat and the beard will flare outwards to accent the chin.  This style of beard is ideal for men who have oval or diamond shaped faces and who do not like having a mustache.

The Short And Tapered

Short And TaperedIf you are looking for a short beard that is simple and will still blow people away, this is the style for you.  To grow this beard, you should have hair which is short with defined lines on the edges.  The sideburns of the beard are almost invisible and will fade into the beard at mid-cheek.  The mustache will need to blend into the beard with uniform meeting points.  This beard will work best for men with a round or oval shaped face.

A Thin Beard

Thin BeardThe shortest beard that you can get is the thin beard and this will fade perfectly into your hair.  Your sideburns should be thin and disappear into the main beard.  The edges of the beard will need to be defined with a slight curve and the mustache will need to be closely trimmed to match the beard offering a clean cut look.  This beard is ideal for men with oval and square faces.

Lines For Days

Lines For Days BeardsIf you have fades in your hair, you should consider this beard style as your sideburns will be grown short and extending into the beard around mid-ear.  The mustache will be closely trimmed and curve to meet the beard, but never actually touch.  All of the lines in this beard will need to be defined with a straight razor.  This beard will work for any face shape.

The Short Beard With Mustache

Short Beard With MustacheThe beard for this style will need to grow down the jaw line with thin sideburns that grow into it.  The beard will need to be shaped to match the chin and the mustache will need to be grown in an inverted U shape.  This style of beard will work best for square and oval shaped faces.

Bold And Thick

Bold And Thick BeardOne of the most famous beard styles can offer a dapper appearance if done right.  Suitable for all faces this style has sideburns which blend into the beard at the same length.  The top edges will angle down to the lower lip and the beard will grow an inch down.

The Faded Beard

The Faded BeardThe name of this beard comes from the fact that the sideburns will fade into the beard offering a shorter style for an instant classic.  The main beard will be square cut and reach approximately 3 inches in length.  To add some flare you could have a handlebar mustache.  This beard is ideal for oval and square faces.