8 Best Places To Get Eye Shadow Ideas And Tips

eyeshadowThere are many aspects to getting makeup and facial appearance just right, but one of the harder cosmetic factors that many women deal with is getting their eyeshadow just right. Some just haven't had enough practice or the right teachers, and many are just afraid to admit they need help. Fortunately, there are many places to get eyeshadow ideas and tips. Keep reading to learn what they are:

1) Fashion magazines online: You might already subscribe to one or two of these. Take a harder look. Is what you need to know there and you've just been flipping over that column for years? If not, you might need to add another magazine to your pile.

2) Your beauty salon: Do you have a place you go to regularly to get your hair done? They likely have more wisdom than just about your hair. If you are a regular at any kind of spa or nail place, they might also have a few pointers since looking beautiful is what they do.

3) YouTube videos: If you really want to literally see how it's done, then YouTube videos are the way to go. You can actually watch someone doing their own eyeshadow ideas by helping someone else do theirs.

4) Blogs: Fashionistas love what they know and showing it off, so many of them run blogs online you should keep up with. Find one that has a loyal following, as that's usually a sign of quality content. Hopefully, there's already such a great backlog of articles and posts that you don't have to wait for what you need to know.

5) Books: If you like to read to learn, then head to your favorite local bookstore or check out options on Amazon for books about fashion. You can learn a lot of simple basics, or you can even get in-depth texts covering layers (pun intended) of knowledge you had no idea existed.

6) Friends: If you have any close friends whose look and makeup you admire, pay them the ultimate compliment by picking their brains about their own beauty advice. At the very least, you'll flatter a friend.

7) Family: If you learned makeup from an older sister, a mother, or an aunt, you might want to go back for more advice than you learned the first time around. On the other hand, if their knowledge and wisdom is what left you lacking, you might also want to check with someone else you love and trust for their eyeshadow ideas.

8) Television: There are entire networks dedicated to fashion and style, and you can always watch them to pick up pointers. i.e. HSN or QVC . However, you might also want to think outside the box. Some networks also run costume, makeup, and special effects reality television show competitions. You might be surprised what you can learn from even these.

Now that you know 8 places to get eyeshadow ideas and tips, you can always be prepared to look great for every occasion.

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